The Top 10 Ways SIEM Rules Silently Break


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Learn how to identify and fix a SIEM rule you don’t know is broken.

New detections and log sources get added to your SIEM over time – such as Splunk, Microsoft Sentinel, and IBM QRadar – for the latest threats and vulnerabilities. At the same time, your infrastructure is also constantly changing, which results in broken rules and gaps in your security.

The challenge for detection engineering teams in this scenario is that there has not been a convenient, automated way to identify and remediate broken rules. They simply would never fire – even when compromised – leading to a false sense of security.

Based on analyzing thousands of detection rules, our security research team has compiled the top 10 ways that SIEM rules break (silently) over time.

Read this research brief to learn what they are – so you can find them before your Red Team (or worse, an adversary) exploits the gap.

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