Continuously Improve Your Detection Posture Based on MITRE ATT&CK

Automated platform continuously maps your SIEM/XDR ruleset to MITRE ATT&CK — so you don't have to
  • Analyze & map all detections including custom in-house detections, out-of-the-box rules, and MSSP/MDR-developed detections.
  • Platform continuously audits your SIEM/XDR to identify missing detections, broken rules (due to parsing errors, etc.), and misconfigured log sources you thought were working — but aren't
Get the SIEM/XDR detections that matter most to your organization — based on risk
Continuously remove coverage gaps based on your business priorities:
  • Top APT groups you're tracking
  • Missing MITRE tactics & techniques
  • Critical log source types (cloud, IAM, etc.)
  • Onboarding new log sources (AWS, Azure, GCP, Wiz, Okta, etc.)
  • MITRE matrices (Windows, containers, etc.)
  • Threat intel & red team priorities
  • New high-profile vulnerabilities & attacks (log4shell, Follina, etc.)


Safe, automated deployment of curated, high-fidelity detections
  • Get detections automatically customized to your environment (log sources, naming conventions, indexes, etc.) — not generic SIGMA rules
  • Built-in impact analysis simulates rule behavior based on historical log data
  • Detections pushed into SIEM/XDR with touch of a button (after review by your team)
  • Rule validation documentation also included
  • Inspired by DevOps  & CI/CD processes

Automated platform uses built-in analytics and MITRE ATT&CK to identify and remediate coverage gaps due to misconfigured data sources and missing or broken rules


Platform Benefits



Continuous Threat Coverage Optimization



Prioritized Recommendations Based on Your Business Priorities


Real-Time Threat Coverage Metric

Industry’s 1st Real-Time Threat Coverage Metric



Adapts to Ongoing IT Infrastructure Change


Agile Deployment

Safe and Agile Deployment

"The security industry has introduced dozens of new threat detection tools, but there's been very little innovation of the security engineering process by which we manage the output from these tools. This enormous security engineering effectiveness gap is what CardinalOps directly addresses."
- Peter Keenan, CISO Lazard

CardinalOps Creates ROI

Creating More Value from Your Existing Security Investments